Foundation for Thai Entrepreneurship Development


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are an important growth engine and key economic driver to help achieve Thailand's vision to be a developed economy by the year 2020. SMEs, by their sheer number and diversified economic activities, provide vital contributions to income and employment generation, wealth creation, value addition and rural development. About 70 per cent of SMEs in Thailand are family-run business, while 60 per cent are located in rural areas. SMEs are therefore important for reducing poverty and income imbalance. Despite significant emphasis and inputs provided by the government with the support of local, national and international organizations, much development work remains to be done. In fact, the task of SME promotion and development is a never-ending process.

It is for this reason that the Foundation for Thai Entrepreneurship Development (FED) was founded in 2006 by a concerned group of Thai development practitioners and experts who are committed to espouse the cause of a balanced socio-economic and human development as its contribution to helping Thailand achieve its Millennium Development Goals (MDG) by 2015. The founders felt a strong desire to help accelerate the development of both urban small businesses and rural community enterprises as a potent means to provide permanent employment and income to the people. The founders want to share their expertise in the field of SMEs as well as to promote and share best practices in the area of innovative business development services (BDS).


It is the Foundation's belief that the contributions of SMEs to the economies of nations can be maximized if both the needs of modern and traditional SME sectors are properly and adequately addressed, and if creative thinking, innovative projects and sustainable activities are brought to bear to make their full impacts. The Foundation subscribes to UNDP's creative economy concept to enhance the value added potentials of SMEs' products and services, protect their unique products and designs with intellectual property rights, and to empower SME entrepreneurs to help and regulate themselves.



FED is recognized as a leading non-governmental organization providing best practice and innovative entrepreneurship and business development services for small and medium enterprises in strategic partnership with government and the private sector.


To promote and support the sustainable development of modern and traditional small and medium enterprises in order to maximize their full potentials to contribute to the economy of Thailand and the well-being of the Thai people.


In order to achieve its vision and mission, FED seeks to: 




FED's mandate is translated into the following four (4) functional thrusts:

  1. Research and Development (R&D) in the area of entrepreneurship development, enterprising society, enterprise education, women entrepreneurship, and family run-business

  2. Enterprise Development Services to enhance the profitability, productivity and competitiveness of SMEs in conducting their business and in exploiting business opportunities through diagnostics, counselling and consultancy interventions including value innovation programs, cluster promotion and cyber-infrastructure promotions,

  3. Business Development Service (BDS) to improve the capacities and effectiveness of SME service providers through training consultancy mentoring, researches, information, and other measures,

  4. Technology Transfer and Sharing in the following activities:

  1. technology matching between supplier and buyer

  2. technology marketing through its participation in UNDP's Global Assist in Technology Exchange System (GATES).

  3. best practices in entrepreneurship development, enterprise development and business development services,

  4. technical workshops cum consultancy catering to specific needs of SMEs and specific industry sectors


Organizational Profile

The Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organization registered under the laws of Thailand. It is governed by a Committee of Founders which serves as its governing and policy making body. The decisions of the Committee are translated into programs, projects and activities by competent staff headed by the President who has more than 40 years of experience in promoting SMEs in Thailand and in other Asian countries.  The FED's organizational structure is divided into four divisions corresponding to its four main thrusts of: 1) Research & Development (R&D), 2) Enterprise Development Services, 3) Business Development Services, and 4) Technology Transfer and Sharing.

Strategic Alliances

FED wants to position itself as a strategic partner in SME development with other government, non-governmental and private organizations, both local and foreign. Thus, it is willing to cooperate with these institutions to achieve synergy, avoid duplication and waste of resources, and to share its expertise and resources to promote a culture of collaboration rather than competition. FED has experience cooperating with the UN System, AOTS, JETRO, GTZ, Technonet Asia Africa, among other agencies.


FED likewise wants to adopt the Blue Ocean Strategy by trailblazing into uncharted and unexplored areas of development interventions through its R&D function. In this manner, FED expects to achieve solid impacts and greater relevance to the needs of SMEs.




In just one year of its existence, FED has achieved an impressive track record in undertaking various activities. The highlights include the following:


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